Aug 15 2012


Today was the meeting with Bonnie and Kailyn and they just asked a few leaving questions.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.  After the meeting they brought in bagels and brownies that were really good.  Tomorrow is going to be my last day and I’ll be in the service center for only a little bit just to clock on and fill out my time sheets because I’ll be shadowing Firmann.  Then on Friday I am going to the last meeting with Sharon Cole to end the CNY Works program.  I’m not sure where it is but I’m guessing the school on management again or Schine.

Aug 14 2012


Next week is opening so yesterday I helped out Kailyn and Kara by bringing boxes from down in the basement to an empty office on the first floor using a dolly.  The office had chairs and tables so we had to stack the chairs and push the table to the side.  Kara bought alot of candy so we poured about half of it into a bin and it filled it up.  We mixed it all up then put them in bags.  Today I think we may pack some more stuff but I’m not sure.


Aug 13 2012


Today I spoke to Kailyn and on Wednesday I’ll be having a meeting with her and Bonnie.  They’ll be asking me a few leaving questions.  My lat day will be Thursday (8/16).  I don’t want to leave but it is for the best.

Aug 13 2012

Outside of ITS

On Thursday I met up with a guy named Firmann so I can pretty much shadow him.  He works around campus with printers, such as fixing them, adding paper and just making sure they work.  When he first picked me up we went back to where he works and he introduced me to a few of his coworkers.  A little while after we went to Schine Student Center to replace the top of a copier because one of the hinges broke off.  The cover is to heavy for the hinges so every time someone opens it and lets it hang, it breaks.  After that we went to Huntington computer lab to put more paper into the printer.  We went back to where he works and what they had me do was to plug in 15 computers to see if they were functioning correctly because they were being sold.  Also to put aside 15 monitors that were also being sold.  After that was finished they had us pack up 15 keyboards, mice and power cables into boxes.  By that time it was almost time to go, that day seemed to go by so fast.  I’m not sure if I am going to meet up with Firmann this Thursday though.

Aug 9 2012


Today I filled out my time sheets and I am pretty much going to be shadowing a guy while he fixes printers and such.  I’ll write about it tomorrow.

Aug 8 2012


Today I picked my book that Sharon Cole requested.  At first she was going to select the same book for everybody but she thought not everyone would like it so she had everyone pick their own.  It could be any type of book but it had to be less than 20 dollars.  I picked Alive by Piers Paul Read because I’ve known about what happened for a long time but I never really looked into it much.  I read a quick overview on it and it seemed very interesting.  It’s based on a true story and pretty much it’s about a plane crash on the Andes mountain with a Uruguayan Rugby team and some family members, that have to survive by resorting to cannibalism and eventually out of the 40+ people on the plane more than half dies.

Aug 7 2012


Today was like one of those slow days.  I guess the toner hasn’t come in yet so I still can’t do anything to the printer.  My coworker Alandra was working on her stem blog to try to come up with some ideas like some of the world’s biggest objects, animals, food, etc.  She already had the world’s largest burger but she wanted to add more so I was helping her try to find content to put in her blog like videos.  Kara also talked to us about how crazy it’s going to be during opening, where we were last year and what our hours for opening would be.  I will probably work 1 to 5.

Aug 6 2012

Monday 8/6

Today the printer is still out here, all I can do now is to wait until there is a new toner for me to install.   It is a very easy task, all you have to do is slip it in the space provided for it.  If you don’t know where the toner is located, it is right under the top cover.  Last week my coworkers and I had a meeting with Bonnie to pretty much discuss what is going to happen over the next few weeks.  The CNY Works program is ending on August 17 but they want to extend it to some time in September.  School for us starts on the 6th of September but I think the SU students come back late this month.  Also we were told that for opening we aren’t going to go around the dorms and that we are just going to be in the service center.  I actually liked going around the dorms because it’s more fun being able to walk around and stuff.  Last year during opening I was at Flint and I really liked it but everything should be alright.

Aug 2 2012


Today I looked at the printer today.  Every time I printed paper out there were some light black areas down the page, so I figured it must have been the toner.  Another possibility was the fuser but I highly doubt it was that.  So I took the toner out and shook it and tried to print some more papers to see if that would temporarily fix it and it kind of did, the light black areas got a little darker but it was still not solid black.  After that I looked up the toner number for Jon so he can find a new one.

Aug 2 2012

Summer Youth Employee Professional Development Workshop and Career Fair

Yesterday I was not at the service center because I was attending a Summer youth Employee professional development workshop and career fair ran by Sharon Cole.  It was from 8:30 to 1:30 at the Whitman School of Management.  The schedule was that we stayed at Whitman from 8:30 to 11 listening to different guest speakers like Dan Klamm and Nasha Barnes.  Dan Klamm spoke to us about social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  He showed us how we could use them for more professional purposes rather than social media.  Nasha Barnes talked about her path to get where she is and telling us to make sure you know what your good and bad at.  After Dan and Nasha were finished we all went over to Schine Student Center for the career fair where there were about 30 different programs and careers and we could walk around and ask questions to different people.  After that was finished at around 12:50 we walked over to Ernie Davis to eat.  Then at 1:30 I left to catch the bus.