HP Printer

Yesterday Jon and I went to Kimmel to check the network ports.  They are going to open it up as a service center when the students come back to school.  All went good and out of all of them only one didn’t work.  Also there is a lot of stuff that needs to be taken out like all the computers that had been replaced.  Today though Jon brought out a printer and wanted me to check it.  I don’t know much at all about printers and when this one boots up there is a red light blinking so I googled the problem and it turns out that there was a paper jam so I had to take out the toner cartridge and underneath it was a piece of paper stuck.  After I removed the paper it was all good so I did a print test and the only thing is that the black ink is showing a little light in certain spots.  Then Tomorrow I am going to a summer youth employee professional development workshop and career fair all day so I won’t be at the service center.

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