I am Matthew Lee and I am a Start It up Student at Syracuse University.  I have been interested in computers for a very long time.  I feel that if you are going to use anything you have to know how it works.  Only recently did I learn enough about them to be able to work and fix a computer, through trial and error and training at the service center.  I will be a Junior in the Fall at Henninger High School where I have taken IT related classes which made me even more interested in computers.  A few things I also enjoy  besides computers is fishing, camping and playing sports.  I have been playing football and basketball for over 8 years from youth organizations all the way up to high school Varsity.

This blog will consist of many things such as my experience with operating systems, What I have learned and what I do daily.  Also information about blogs such as what makes a blog good.

Henninger Black Knights