Operating Systems

When it comes to Operating Systems there are many different things that I already know from learning at the Service Center as a Start It Up student through trial and error.  I know that the operating system is the software for the hardware.  There are many operating systems out there but a few popular ones are Mac, Windows, and Android.  Without an operating system a computer or phone will not work and be essentially useless.  I feel I know most of the basic things to do on an operating system both Mac and Windows, such as installing programs, uninstalling programs, connecting to the internet, fixing settings, and fresh starting the operating systems.

I chose operating systems’ as the most interesting out of all the topics because I feel I know a lot about them and this is where I would be most comfortable.  From the first day the program started I was interested in operating systems and how the computer actually works and if the computer was to break how to fix the problem.

Network was my second choice because it could be closely related to operating systems.  After that would be programming but I know very little about that subject.

There are also many things that I don’t know about operating systems and would like to learn. Mostly, I would like to learn how to fix the problems that a computer has. A few questions that I have are

1.  What processes are good to run when the computer cannot boot up
2.  What should I do if the computer is not turning on when it isn’t a battery/ hardware issues.
3.  I know less information about Mac than windows, so I would like to learn the similarities and differences of the two.
4. What are some key terms that I should know
5. Better skills to finding solutions (troubleshooting)
6.Any and all solutions to the common computer errors. (Blue Screen of Death and other examples)

I feel as if there aren’t many questions to ask about fixing a computer but how to diagnose the problem better because when working with operating systems it is all trial and error, if a computer is not working the way it should, you try something you feel would fix the problem and if that does not work you try something else.